November 06, 2013

London's Calling

Being a 15 year old girl, I can only imagine the life of a beauty blogger, living in London City, fab-u-lous. 
Day in, day out, I endlessly watch YouTube videos of pretty girls showing me how to apply my make up, telling me of their favourite products and showing me the wonderful pieces of MAC products they just bought, before dashing off to a photo shoot. And as I sit here in my bedroom, I can only dream of someday, being behind a camera, beauty blogging, while London City busily rushes by outside my window. 

I often contemplate on starting a beauty vlog (YouTube), and so I build up the temporary nerves and confidence, film a video, do all the sassy editing, post it on Youtube, then delete it. IT'S ALL TOO SCARY. so for the meantime, I think I'll build real confidence with a beauty blog. So i hope you don't mind if this is where I start.

This is my very first beauty blog, hopefully, of many. And I must admit, I do feel quite sophisticated, and like I do infact belong in London, drinking Starbucks and watching the world rush by before me. I can hear it calling my name. Which by the way is Sara. My blog is called "sarabelleza" which my, not so successful, YouTube channel is also called "SaraBellezaBeauty". 
I don't actually use my full name online yet as i haven't built those real nerves, and I cant bare the thought of my school peers finding out. Their lack of social understanding outside of "B O Y" hats and tracksuit bottoms is quite something else, believe me. So for now, it's Sara. 

I should be blogging on some rather beautiful pieces of make up soon enough, although forgive my lack of knowledge with using this blogging site (I just made my blog about 10 minutes ago).
Please leave me some comments and feedback, or what you guys would like to see me blog about. I feel I'm one step closer to London now! 

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